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Parent-Teen Nights

What are Parent-Teen Nights?

Parent-Teen Nights are a time for parents and teens to grow in the faith and strengthen their relationship with each other.

At Parent-Teen Nights, we play games, provide interactive teachings, bonding questions, and of course snacks!

These nights are similar to what youth groups experience, but parents (or guardians) can be a part of the experience.

Why Parent-Teen Nights are Needed?

Parents are the main influencers and instructors in their teen's life, yet many parents struggle to grow closer with their teens; therefore, we created an experience for parents and teens to draw closer together and provide them with valuable tools and resources to take home to strengthen their relationship.

What are families saying and experiencing?

"Since that night, my son has been hugging me more."

"This is exactly what we need."


"Highly recommend!"

"Amazing opportunity to grow in our relationship with each other."

"I really enjoyed it. It is so fun. Games were great and the discussion is amazing."

To the Deeply Rooted Family Ministries team, "You have a love for the Lord and you brought families to the Word."

"The topic of honoring and obeying our parents has resurfaced several times at youth group since!" (Deeply Rooted Family Ministries provided a Parent-Teen Night at our church)

We witnessed a meaningful moment between a mother and her daughter weeping and embracing each other because of the letter the daughter wrote to her mother during a Parent-Teen Night.

Contact us at for more information on Parent-Teen Nights and how we can provide an experience to remember!​
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